La continua ricerca dei migliori standard qualitativi ed economici ci permette di proporre una linea completa di Microscopia all’altezza delle esigenze di ogni laboratorio didattico e professionale.

La linea include diverse tipologie di microscopi:

Biological Student Microscope
Biological Laboratory Microscope
Metallurgical Microscope
Biological Inverted Microscope
Biological Polarizing Microscope
Biological Fluorescent Microscope
Multi-viewing Microscope
Phase Contrast Microscope
Mono Video Microscope
Stereo Microscope
Zoom Stereo Microscope
Digital Biological Microscope
Digital Stereo Microscope

Microscope M211.311



-This microscope is suitable for primary school student use
-Mechanical Length 160mm
-Full Coated Optical System.

Detailed Specifications

M211.311 Student Biological Microscope
Head Monocular Head,45° inclined
Monocular Head,45° inclined,360° Rotatable
Eyepiece WF10X
Objective Achromatic 4X
Achromatic 10X
Achromatic 40X, Spring
Nosepiece Triple Revolving Nosepiece
Stage Plain Stage with Specimen Clips, Size 90mmx90mm
Condenser Single Lens with Disc Diaphragm
Focusing Coarse Focusing
Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focusing Adjustment Fine Focusing Scale Value 0.002mm
Light Source Incandescent Lamp,220V/20W or 110V/20W
Optional Accessories
Eyepiece WF16X
Objective Achromatic 20X
Achromatic 60X(S)
Light Source LED

Microscope M211.318



Detailed Specifications

M211.318 Biological Microscope
Head Compensation Free Binocular,30°inclined,55mm-75mm
Compensation FreeTrinocular,30°inclined,55mm-75mm
Eyepiece WF10X /18mm
WF10X /22mm
Objective Achromatic 4X
Achromatic 10X
Achromatic 40X, Spring
Achromatic 100X, Spring, Oil
Infinity Achromatic 4X
Infinity Achromatic 10X
Infinity Achromatic 40X, Spring
Infinity Achromatic 100X, Spring, Oil
Nosepiece Quadruple Revolving Nosepiece
Stage Double Layer Mechanical Stage,Size150mmx150mm,Moving Range:80mmx50mm
Focusing Coaxial Coarse and Fine Focusing Scale Value 0.002mm, Focusing Range :30mm
Condenser ABBE N.A.1.25Condenser with Iris Diaphragm & Filter
Illumination Kohler Illumination
Light Source Halogen Bulb 6V/20W,AC 220V/110V,Brightness Adjustable
Optional Accessories
Eyepiece WF16X
Objective Achromatic 20X
Achromatic 60X, Spring
Semi-plan Objective 4X
Semi-plan Objective 10X
Semi-plan Objective 20X
Semi-plan Objective 40X(S)
Semi-plan Objective 60X(S)
Semi-plan Objective 100X(S)
Plan Objective 4X
Plan Objective 10X
Plan Objective 20X
Plan Objective 40X(S)
Plan Objective 60X(S)
Plan Objective 100X(S)
Dark Field Dark field
Photo Adapter Photo Adapter
CCD Adapter 0.5x

Microscope M211.332



– Full metal body, high stability
– Cordless, compact size, easy to carry
– Top and bottom LED light source
– Competitive low price

Detailed Specifications

M211.332 Economical Cordless Student Microscope
Head Monocular Head
Eyepiece WF10X
Objective Achromatic 4X
Achromatic 10X
Achromatic 40X, Spring
Nosepiece Triple Revolving Nosepiece
Stage Plain Stage with Clips, size 90*90mm
Condenser 6 Hole Disc Diaphragm
Focusing Coarse Focusing Knobs
Light Source Top and Bottom LED light, powered by AA 1.5V Battery 3 pcs.
(No battery included when ship by air)
Body Main Body Size 10*15*27cm

Microscope M211.224



Detailed Specifications

M222.224 Stereo Microscope
Head Eyepiece Stand Objective Objective Transferring Plate Illumination
45° inclined binocular head. The left ocular-tube with dioptre ±5dp.Interpupilary distance is 55-75mm WF10X Track stand 1x-2x

2x-4xKnob RotationΦ75mm Frosted GlassIncident illumination and transmitted illuminationTechnical Data

Objective Eyepiece Working Distance (mm)
5X 10X 15X 20X
Magnification Field of View (mm) Magnification Field of View (mm) Magnification Field of View (mm) Magnification Field of View (mm)
1X 5X 20.0 10X 22.0 15X 15.0 20X 10.0 100
2X 10X 10.0 20X 11.0 30X 7.5 40X 6.5
1X 5X 20.0 10X 22.0 15X 15.0 20X 10.0 100
3X 15X 7.0 15X 7.3 45X 5.0 60X 4.3
2X 10X 10.0 20X 11.0 30X 7.5 40X 6.5 100
4X 20X 5.0 40X 5.5 60X 3.7 80X 3.2
Optional Accessories
Eyepiece WF5X


Microscope M223.453



– Parallel Optical System
– Zoom 0.68x-4.5x, Total Magnification 6.8~45x
– Binocular Head incline is adjustable from 0°-30°
– High Eyepoint WF10x/23mm Eyepiece, Diopter Adjustable

Detailed Specifications

Specification M223.453 Research Zoom Stereo Microscope
Optical System Galileo Optical System, Left and right parallel optical path, Non-coaxial Image
Ratio 1:6.6
Zoom Range 0.68x-4.5x
Head Head incline is adjustable from 0°-30°,180° outside rotation and higher eyepoint to 80mm, Eyepiece locked ring
Eyepiece WF10x/23mm (Diopter Adjustable) High Eyepoint
Objective 1x Achromatic objective (W.D=93.87mm)
Focusing System Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system, Coarse stroke 240mm, Fine division 0.002m (without illumination)
Base Standard base (without illumination)
Optional Accessories
Focusing System Upgrade to Coaxial coarse and fine focusing system, Coarse stroke 240mm,Fine division 0.002m (with 6V15W halogen reflecting illumination)
Eyepiece(Diopter Adjustable) WF10X/23mm (Reticule, X axis: 0.1mm/100 division)
WF10X/23mm (Reticule, X axis: 0.05mm/200 division)
WF10X/23mm (Grid, X axis: 0.1 X 0.1mm/100 division)
Objective 0.3X achromatic objective (W.D=328.93mm)
0.5X achromatic objective (W.D=197.19mm)
0.7X achromatic objective (W.D=148.00mm)
1X plan achromatic objective (W.D=84.92mm)
1.5X achromatic objective (W.D=46.69mm)
2X achromatic objective (W.D=34.04mm)
2.5X achromatic objective (W.D=22.53mm)
Image output unit One side image output unit
Double sides image output unit
Coaxial Illumination Unit 1W/LED illumination unit
Single soft optical fiber 5W/LED cold light unit, Fiber length: 550mm, Light passed diameter: 8mm
Base Upgrade to Transmitting illumination base, output: 6V/15W halogen lamp
Adapter CCD Adapter 0.35x
CCD Adapter 0.5x
CCD Adapter 1.0x
Digital Camera Adapter For NIKON、SONY、CANON、OLYMPUS Digital Camera
Cold Light Source + Optical Fiber Optical Fiber Cold Lighting Unit (5W/LED)
Optical Fiber Cold Lighting Unit (150W/Halogen)
Ring Soft Optical Fiber, Length 550mm, Beam Dia. 8mm, With Collector
Double Soft Optical Fiber, Length 500mm, Beam Dia. 8mm, With Collector
Single Hard Optical Fiber, Length 500mm, Beam Dia. 8mm, With Collector

Microscope M231.261



Detailed Specifications

M231.261 Digital Microscope

Camera System CMOS Digital Camera 0.3M Pixel, USB1.0 Output
CCD Digital Camera 0.4M Pixel, RCA, S-Vide, USB2.O Output
Eyepiece Wide Field Eyepiece EW10×/20
Objective Semi-plan Achromatic Objective 4x
Semi-plan Achromatic Objective 10x
Semi-plan Achromatic Objective 40x
Semi-plan Achromatic Objective 100x
Nosepiece Backward Quadruple Nosepiece
Stage Double Layers Mechanical Stage 140x?40mm/ 75x50mm
Condenser N.A.1.25 Abbe Condenser
Filter Blue Filter
Green Filter
Software ScopeImage Advanced Micro-image Process Software
Illumination Halogen Lamp 6V/20W, Brightness Adjustable
Halogen Lamp 12V/20W, Brightness Adjustable

Optional Accessories

Objective Plan Achromatic Objective 4x
Plan Achromatic Objective 10x
Plan Achromatic Objective 20x
Plan Achromatic Objective 40x
Plan Achromatic Objective 60x
Plan Achromatic Objective 100x
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objective System
Nosepiece Backward Quintuple Nosepiece
Dark-field Condenser Dark-field Condenser(Dry)
Dark-field Condenser(Immersion)
Pointer LED Pointer
Polarization Set Simple Polarization Attachment
Phase Contrast Kit Turret Phase Contrast Kit
Software ScopeImage Analysis Software

9.7” LCD Pad Digital Laboratory Microscope M233.103



Newly Designed with 9.7″ LCD Pad Digital Camera, this high level excellent lab microscope is the conveniently operated optical instruments with excellent functions and new pattern, it is very suitable for usage in medical test, teaching and micro-observation in hospitals and schools.

–9.7″ LCD Pad Display with 2nd Generation HD Screen 1024*768.
–5.0M Digital Camera, max 2592*1936 pixels
–Wifi Supported, Wireless Lan 802.11 b/g
–Wide Field Eyepiece WF10x/20mm, field of view is widely and clear
–With high quality plan achromatic objectives
–Binocular or trinocular head inclined 30° available
–Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, with tensional adjustable and up stop
–Kohler illumination with 6V 20W halogen lamp with brightness control

Detailed Specifications

Specification M233.103 9.7″ LCD Pad Digital Laboratory Microscope
Eyepiece WF10X(Φ20mm)
Objective Plan Achromatic 4X/0.10
Plan Achromatic 10X/0.25
Plan Achromatic 40X/0.65(Spring)
Plan Achromatic 100X/1.25(Spring, oil)
Head Trinocular, inclination 30?
Focus System Coaxial coarse/fine focus system, Minimum division of fine focusing: 2um
With tensional adjustable and up stop,
Nosepiece Quadruple backward ball bearing inner locating
Stage Double layer mechanical, size 210x140mm, moving range 75x50mm
Condenser Abbe N.A.1.25  Rack & pinion adjustment
Filter Blue filter
Frosted filter
Collector For halogen lamp
Light source Kohler illumination with 6V 20W halogen lamp with brightness control
M259.503 9.7″ LCD Pad Digital Camera
9.7″ LCD Pad Digital Camera 1/2.5 ” CMOS Sensor
5.0 M Pixels, Full Resolution 2592*1936
Image-previewing Rate:30fps at Full Resolution
Video Format:720P/30FPS
White Balance Setting: Manual / Automatic / Preinstall Operation
Programmable Controls: Gain, Frame Rate, Frame Size, Exposure
Pixel Size:2.2um x 2.2um
Dynamic Range:71dB
Shutter Type:Global Reset Release (GRR)
Color Filter Array:RGB Bayer Pattern
Connection: C-mount Interface
Display G-sensor, Multi-point Capacitance Touch Screen
9.7″ 2nd Generation HD LED Backlit LCD Screen (1024*768)
Operating System Android 2.3
CPU 1.2GHz (ARM Cortex-A8 Core)
Storage Device Onboard Flash 8GB, Optional:16GB
ESupport External TF Card, Maximum Capacity of 32GB
Application Software Task Manager, Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Email, ES File Explorer, Gallery, Photo/Video, Music, Search, Setting, Sound Recorder, E-book, MSN/Skype Chatting, Game Playing etc.
Buttons Top Button: Turn on/off, Volume+, Volume -, Reset
Front Main Button: Return, Home, Menu, Search
Battery 3.7V 6400mAh Rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery
Endurance in Tablet Mode: 10hours
Wi-Fi Support wireless data network, wireless lan 802.11b/g
Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR
3G Net Work 3G Module is Optional Accessories, External 3G Card Slot , Support WCDMA / EVDO / TDSCDMA
Interface 1* Mini USB2.0, 1*HDMI, 1* Micro-SD Card Slot (Up to 32GB), 1* 3.5mm Standard Stereo Earphone Slot,1* SIM Card Slot
Sensor Function Onboard G-sensor, Support X/Y/Z 3axis Gravity Sensor
Onboard Electronic Compass
Audio 2* Built-in Class-D Digital Power Amplifier Loudspeaker, Built-in Microphone
Media File Formats Video Supported: MPEG-2 Main-High, H.264 BP/MP/HP, VC1 SP/MP/AP, RV10 8/9/10, MPEG-4/Xvid SP/ASP, DivX 3/4/5/6, H.263 P0/P3, MJPEG Encode:H.264 BP, H.263 P0/P3, MPEG-4 SP, MPEG-2 Main-Main, MJPEG, 3D Video Primary Formats
Audio Support: MP3, ACC, ADTS, M4A, WMA
Photo Support: JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG
Language Multi Languages: English, Czech, Dansk, German, Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polski, Portugues, Greek, Portuguese, Svenska, Turkey, Korean, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese etc.
Power Switching Adaptor External Power Adaptor, Input:AC 110V~220V, Output:DC5V 2500mA.
Optional Plug Types: USA , EU, UK and Japan etc.
Accessories Power Adapter, USB Cable, User Manual
Ambient Condition Temperature:-30°C to +70°C
Software Professional Measurement Software(VMS3.6)

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